Daily attendance is essential if children are to reach their full potential. Our target as a school is that each child will have an attendance of 96% or more.


Kindly click on the link below to see the Attendance Leaflet  





Arriving late regularly is unsettling for your child and the rest of their class.



Medical Appointments

Where possible, medical appointments should be arranged for the end of the day, not the start of the day.


How to let us know if your child is ill

Please ensure that you call school by 8.30am in the morning if your child is not going to be at school because of illness, explaining the reason.

By law, children are required to attend school for 190 days each year.

At Nether Hall School, our aim is for all children to have 100% attendance, and we view children’s attendance in the following way:

100% is outstanding

99.99 - 98% is excellent (with no unauthorised absence)

97.99 - 96% is good (with no unauthorised absence)

95.99 - 90% requires improvement

Under 90% is a persistent absentee, and is a real concern.


If your child has diarrhoea and vomiting please see the NHS guidance by clicking this link.