Careers and Enterprise

POST 19 Leavers' Destinations over time:

The following list details the destinations of Nether Hall school leavers over the period 2015-16 to 2022-23 (8 years). 

For 2023-24 leavers there are two NEETS within the group. Both leavers continue to receive support from the Adult Social Care transitions team. One leaver remains at home due to health reasons.  Another leaver requires a specialist college, there are no spaces available until September 2024.   

The vast majority of our leavers are provided with local FE provision. When local FE provision is unable to meet need, students apply to local specialist colleges.  Most FE provision continues to develop Independent living skills.

For some of our leavers FE is not the most suitable option.  These students have Social Care provision instead.

Total PMLD leavers 15.  Total SLD leavers 47

Leavers' Destinations


Course level

Course / offer

Leicester College PMLD





Leicester College SLD

(Freemans Campus)




RARPA Learning for living

Leicester College SLD  (Abbey Campus)



Transition to work


Gateway College


Entry 2 / 3

Grow and Cook  /PSD

Sense College  Loughborough




Continuing studies

Homefield College SLD





Homefield College – Sensory pathway








Social care option





Post 19



Careers Policies

Careers 2023-24.pdf .pdf
Careers education and provider access 2023-24.pdf .pdf


How Nether Hall school’s curriculum offer meets the Gatsby Benchmarks.

Gatsby Benchmark

Benchmark description

How we working to meet this benchmark

1.  A stable careers programme

An embedded programme of career education and guidance that is known and understood by pupils, teachers, governors and employers.


PSD and exploring the wider world curriculums include links to work-related learning (WRL) and careers education.
PSTS: Includes working with money and time, self-advocacy, choice making and communication skills (embedded across all areas of the curriculum).  

Preparing for adulthood (PfA) is a continuing theme Post 16 and includes life skills, travel training, interview skills etc

Resources available in school include practical real life and role play resources

Named Leicester and Leicestershire Enterprise Partnership (LLEP) advisor and business link with local STEM business.

Approved policies published on the school website.


2.  Learning from career and labour market  information


Every pupil, and their parents, should have access to good quality information about future study options

and labour market opportunities.   



 Advice and signposting in EHCP meetings and from connexions/   transitions social workers.

 Attend local offer live / DWP events and promoted to parents.

 College open day visits promoted to parents.

 School visits to colleges – parents invited to join.

 Supported FE applications, visits and interviews.

 Enterprise projects Secondary (S4, S7) and 6th Form.

 In school WRL including pupil run café’s at events and at breaktimes


3.  Addressing the needs of each pupil

Advice and support should be tailored to the needs of each pupil.

Schools should collect and maintain destination data for at least 3 years.

Individual advice should be systematically recorded.       



 Individual advice from connexions for all pupils/ families (Year 9 and   beyond)

 Curriculum provides a personalised offer and WRL experiences are   reflected as such.

 Destination data is kept and shared between school and the LA and   anonymously via the school website.

 Work experience placements and internship offered to individuals

 Attendance at Local offer / DWP events


4.  Linking curriculum learning to careers

         Careers and enterprise education should be part    of and included in a pupil's lessons, linking curriculum to real-world career paths and options.



 Curriculum planning.  All ages / stages of school cover aspects of WRL  

 The schools vision, values and curriculum emphasises independence   and communication skills.

 Enterprise projects including café and Christmas fayre, internal work   shadowing or placements.

 PFA 6th form curriculum focuses on WRL skills for all pupils.  This is   taught informally for pupils on the Asteroid (PMLD /sensory) pathway.


5.  Encounters with employers and employees



Where appropriate pupil should have multiple opportunities to learn from employers about work, employment and the skills that are valued in the workplace.

All pupils should experience a range of enterprise and work place learning visits.


 Workplace visits

 Interviews for work experiences

 Work experience placements and internship offers

 Attendance at Local offer / DWP events

6.  Experiences of workplaces

Every pupil should have first-hand experiences of the workplace through off site visits, work shadowing or experiences.  Pupils should have opportunities to work within the school environment and explore career /     post school opportunities out of school. 



 Work experience placement data held for all pupils.

 Pre Covid: two weeks per year for most comet and Meteor pathway   pupils.  Pupils are offered a variety of places to enable them to show   future preferences for working environment.

 Since March 2020 – WRL opportunities limited to internal only although   food and gardening curriculum maintained.  Café internal to classes   (SF9 &11)

 Mini enterprises continue across the 6th form and S7.


7.  Encounters with further and higher education


All pupils should be aware of and experience the range   of continuing learning / work-based opportunities available to them post school.



College visits

 Support with application and interview preparation

 College link courses/ experience days


8.  Personal guidance

Every pupil should have opportunities for a guidance interview with careers advisor.  This should be available before any significant study or career choices are     made and be timed to meet individual needs from     Year 9 onwards.


Connexions work with individual pupils and families.  Support provided for Post School (usually 19) options.

 Aspirations are high for pupils to access all forms of employment Post 10/ College.