Reading & Phonics at Nether Hall School

We are extremely excited to have launched a new Phonics Scheme at Nether Hall School in September 2021.

Phonics for Pupils with Special Educational Needs was written by Ann Sullivan.  It is a scheme that enables pupils with a range of additional needs to find reading and spelling success and is suitable for those with specific learning difficulties, autism, moderate and severe learning difficulties, specific language impairment and complex needs.


Phonics for SEN is a complete, systematic synthetic linguistic phonics programme published in seven books.

Working through the programme, the pupil:

  • learns about and understands the concepts that underpin how the written English is constructed,
  • learns, practices and masters the skills they need to work with sounds and letters, and
  • develops the knowledge they need to learn, build up and retain to be able to read and spell well.

The programme has a linguistic focus taking the pupils from sound to symbol, from spoken word to print.

Frequently asked questions –

Is Phonics for pupils with Special Educational Needs (PPSN) suitable for all pupils at Nether Hall School?

Once we launched this new Phonics scheme, we were able to identify which reading stage all pupils were working towards.  We use PPSN’s robust baselining tool to determine the starting point for all of our pupils.  Whether this is working at a pre-reading level or at various stages of the PPSN scheme. 


As a parent, how can I support my child with teaching phonics at home?

Please contact your class teacher for specific, personalised advice on supporting your child with this at home.  However, if you would like further information on our phonics scheme, please visit -


Is ‘Reading’ just about Phonics?

At Nether Hall, we all have a clear understanding that reading is not just about phonics.  We work hard to ensure that we promote a language-rich environment where reading is promoted for pupils working at all levels.  Here are some examples of how we do this –

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If you would like any further information on how we deliver ‘Reading’ at our school, please contact our Deputy Headteacher, Min Sanghera