Nether Hall School Residential Experiences

As a school, we acknowledge that outdoor learning is a fundamental element of our curriculum. In fact, it’s considered an essential requirement for a child’s development. Outdoor learning is known to have a very positive impact on a child’s well-being and growth. We organise residential visits to Beaumanor Hall,
Topstones, Wingate and different locations the company PGL use. These residential visits are heavily subsidised by the school. The longer residentials occur every two years to ease financial pressure on our families and our school budget. Shorter residentials to local provisions such as Topstones occur annually. 
Last year we introduced short residentials for our PMLD pupils who really enjoyed their experience at another special school.

Residential days and nights provide a real opportunity for our pupils to experience the outdoors, immerse themselves in lots of new activities and develop their levels of learning. There are lots of benefits in taking part in a school residential that differ depending on what type of residential experience the child is
involved in. Many of these involve spending time outdoors, trying new things, and, often being away from parents for the first time.  Have a read below for some of the benefits of school residentials 

Health benefits

A school residential visit gives children a chance to interact with the outdoors and explore and learn. It also gives them a chance to try a range of activities they may not have had an opportunity to do so before.

Learning new skills

Pupils can get involved with a huge variety of activities developing team-building skills as well as independence skills. Our pupils are actively encouraged to work out of their comfort zone, overcoming any insecurities to take on new challenges and adventures. Groups are well supervised by familiar staff at all times on their residential experience.

Reinforces what is learnt in the classroom

When pupils go on school visits they are often seeing what they have learned in the classroom being applied to the real world. School visits can lay the foundation for encouraging successful learning and improve a child’s motivation and achievement. 

Building confidence and self-esteem

This is often the first-time children are away from their parents for any length of time. Children are well supported to meet this challenge and to interact in a different environment with their peers and teachers.