Keeping our children safe online:



Explore together: Explore online together so you can share all the great fun and educational things they can do. Remind them if anything makes them sad or frightened to come and show you.

Be involved: Ask children to use devices in the same room as you, it’s easier to keep and an eye on how they’re using the internet. Ask them to share their interests with you.

Put yourself in control: Use parental controls on your home broadband and internet-connected devices. Talk to your child about keeping safe and not telling people names (or other details) online.

Search safely: If you let your child search online, make sure safe search settings are on for Google and other search engines or use search engines for children such as Swiggle.

Use passwords: Keep devices out of reach (for younger children) and always set passwords on all your internet-connected devices.  This is the easiest way to know when they are using the internet. Passwords also stop additional purchases when they’re playing games or using apps. Visit e.g. to find out how.

Use age-appropriate sites and apps: Choose safe, fun and educational sites and apps for your child, use video, learning, gaming platforms and services designed with children in mind like YouTube KidsSky KidsBBC iPlayerKids, and Nick Jr.

See   Top kids TV apps for safer viewing for more advice.

Set boundaries: Set some rules about how they use internet-connected devices including which apps and sites they can use and how long they can spend on them. Use timers to limit the time on a device or show the time is about to finish.  Make sure they know what the next activity will be.  Avoid using devices in the hour before bedtime.  This is good advice for all of us!




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