Nether Hall School

A Place To Shine

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Sarah Naylor

Nether Hall School, Keyham Lane West, Leicester, LE5 1RT

Our Vision 

Our Values

At Nether Hall school we have 5 key values we observe every day


1 Communication

2 Independence

3 Respect

4 Community

5 Well Being


“Ensure our pupils parents and staff have a voice and are listened to “



“Prepare our pupils throughout their school life for the adult world”



“Create and maintain an ethos where individual differences are recognised, understood, valued and celebrated”



“Ensure everyone is an integral part of the school and wider community whilst maintaining their sense of self."


Well Being

"Provide a safe, caring environment in which everyone is heathy, happy and ready to learn."


Our curriculum ranges across 5 key learning areas:

Sign for the learning area                                                                                    Object of Reference

Exploring the Wider World  
Physical Development
Problem Solving & Thinking Skills
Outdoor Learning
Personal and Social Development